Clinical Guidelines Radiology


AIM Clinical Appropriateness Guidelines for Radiology

The foundation of our solution platform for specialty benefits management is our clinical appropriateness guidelines.

AIM Clinical Appropriateness Guidelines for Radiology are developed through a rigorous process integrating evidence-based literature with expert physician review. Included are guidelines for various advanced diagnostic imaging modalities, including CT, MRI, MRA, PET, and quantitative CT.

Effective March 9, 2019, the enhanced AIM Specialty Health General Clinical Guideline will replace the Administrative Guidelines which previously applied to AIM Clinical Appropriateness Guidelines for Radiology. The new General Clinical Guideline standardizes language related to clinical appropriateness, simultaneous ordering of multiple diagnostic or therapeutic interventions, and repeat diagnostic or therapeutic interventions, making this information applicable to all AIM Clinical Appropriateness Guidelines—Radiology, Cardiology, Sleep Medicine, Radiation Oncology, and Musculoskeletal. There are no changes to specific clinical criteria.