Solutions for health plans

Appropriateness and affordability through empowerment

Our clinical solutions and engagement strategies equip your providers and your members with the tools and knowledge to make clinically appropriate, affordable health care decisions.

Clinical solutions

Our clinical solutions span the most complex, costly specialties. We use evidence-based clinical guidelines and analytics to help eliminate inappropriate utilization and its associated costs.


Engagement strategies

Our engagement strategies connect with both your providers and your members at just the right time so they make appropriate, value-based health care decisions.

EXPLORE OUR Engagement strategies

Our competencies, your advantages

Our core competencies help position your plan as the health care partner of the future.


Aligning care with best practices: clinical appropriateness review

Helping physicians keep up with the latest best practices in evidence-based care is complex. We use our clinical guidelines, physician-led outreach, and innovation to make it easier. It's our best practice.

Evidence-based care

Empowering health consumerism: member engagement

With members' having greater responsibility for their care and its cost, transparency and education are key. Our solution technology provides both at just the right time.

Member engagement

Supporting better clinical decisions: provider collaboration

Promoting a continuum of evidence-based care requires a deeper partnership with providers. We engage them from start to finish.

provider collaboration