Quadruple Aim

Achieving health care's Quadruple Aim

A compelling industry framework, the Quadruple Aim offers the promise not only to improve health care but also to extend your competitive advantage. Expanding on the dimensions noted in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's well-known Triple Aim (improving population health, enhancing patient experience, and reducing cost), the Quadruple Aim adds the goal of improving the work life of health care providers and their staff. Organizations that meet these dimensions will bypass competitors for years to come. But like a destination without a clear, direct route, the challenge is how to get there.

At AIM Specialty Health® (AIM), the Quadruple Aim is not just a vision to inspire us. It's what we do every day. With our clinical solutions, proprietary technology, and clinical leadership, we translate your strategy into action to help you achieve the Quadruple Aim and grow your business.

Dimension 1: Improve population health

Modern answers for an age-old question

Improving population health requires a multifaceted effort as nuanced and diverse as the population itself. We configure our solutions to offer just that—a flexible, comprehensive approach to managing the specialty care needs for a variety of populations, such as health plan members across all 50 states including Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, unionized workers and their families, and the employees of 40 percent of the Fortune 50 companies.

Tools to move the population health needle

  • AIM Clinical Appropriateness Guidelines and AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways
  • Value-based reimbursement programs
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Physician-led provider education
  • Member engagement

Patient-centered care for complex needs

Addressing today's most complex tests and treatments across specialties like oncology, musculoskeletal care, and genetic testing, our solutions help providers deliver evidence-based care tailored to the individual member. And with the ability to support an entire network of members, they can lead a population to greater health.

Incentives for value-based care

To encourage faster provider adoption of accepted best practices, our value-based reimbursement programs, such as those in the AIM Medical Oncology and Musculoskeletal Solutions, align provider incentives with their delivery of evidence-based care. As a result, providers can deliver clinically appropriate care without taking on risk they're not equipped to handle.

A quantitative window into your population's health

To treat the patient, you must know the patient. The same goes for treating populations. Our reporting and analytics provide an insight-rich view into the health of populations and the practice patterns of the providers treating them. With insights like utilization trends and reimbursement analysis, you can power your population-health strategies with accuracy and confidence.

Dimension 2: Enhance patient experience

Experience starts with participation

Today, a better patient experience begins with engagement and choice. Our member engagement strategies work with our clinical solutions to turn health plan members into confident, informed patients and notify them of other affordable, clinically appropriate services and sites of care available.

Outreach at just the right time

Specialty Care ShopperSM, our Member Engagement Solution, uses a high-tech, high-touch approach to offer members cost and quality information on conveniently located sites of care well before they receive the service.

Engagement through education

Using a shared decision-making program that simplifies complex health care information for members, our Musculoskeletal Solution reduces the information asymmetry between providers and patients that often leads to unnecessary care and costs.

Our solutions deliver

Up to 30%

Cost reduction

on today's most costly and complex clinical areas

Dimension 3: Reduce the cost of care

Affordability without compromising quality

Underlying most conversations about the cost of care is a concern about quality—does more affordable care mean lower-quality care?

Not with our clinical solutions and engagement strategies. We use published evidence-based clinical research, timely direct member outreach, and site-of-care optimization to help eliminate the cost of unnecessary or clinically inappropriate care.

Pathways to affordable, quality care

Using AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways, our Oncology Solution ensures that members receive care that medical evidence has shown to be effective and affordable.

Access to high-performing providers

Solutions like the AIM Specialty Drugs Solution rely on OptiNet®, an online tool that offers cost and quality data on in-network providers, to direct treatment to high-value sites of care.

A shopper's mindset

By notifying members of affordable, convenient imaging facilities before they undergo an MRI or a CT scan, Specialty Care Shopper can reduce the out-of-pocket cost of the exam by an average of $1,000.

Providers praise AIM

AIM is by far the best…I actually wish every other online service was as user friendly.

Dimension 4: Improve the work life of providers

More than a metric. A movement.

Too often, provider engagement initiatives focus on survey results and metrics rather than the pain points of providers' day-to-day activity. For us, improving the provider work life is about making the delivery of appropriate, safe, and affordable care easier. Our solutions and technology do just that. Guided by our medical directors and 200-plus physicians and nurses, our solutions and technology are relied on by 300,000 ordering providers and have earned a provider satisfaction rate of 96 percent or higher for years.

A heritage of provider friendliness

Launched in 2002, our ProviderPortalSM  was the first online platform where providers could complete clinical appropriateness review. Now, more than 80 percent of providers relying on AIM solutions use the ProviderPortal.

A streamlined provider workflow

AIM Inform, our health system and provider solution, moves the prior authorization workflow to the point of care. Integrated into EMR systems that providers use every day, AIM Inform allows providers to complete prior authorization and comply with a CMS clinical decision support mandate from a single source. As a result, it accelerates workflows and enables providers to reallocate administrative staff to other strategic priorities.

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