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AIM Specialty HealthSM Partners with eviti to Help Power Next Generation Oncology Solutions

Chicago, IL – March 7, 2013—AIM Specialty HealthSM, a national leader in specialty benefits management, has announced a strategic collaboration with eviti, Inc. to create an enhanced oncology management solution that helps ensure appropriate, safe and affordable cancer care. eviti is the leader in oncology clinical decision-support focused on improving the quality and reducing the costs of care.

AIM's new Integrated Oncology Solution will build on its heritage of promoting the most appropriate and cost effective use of clinical services including radiology, cardiology, oncology, specialty drugs and sleep medicine.  In collaboration with eviti, AIM will deliver a comprehensive solution that targets the use of evidence-based treatment pathways across all tumor types. Through AIM's proven business platform, physicians will be empowered with real-time, advanced cancer care decision support information and reimbursement verification. Health plan members will benefit from clinically effective, evidence-based treatment options recommended by their physicians. AIM's current oncology solution covers 11 million members and will migrate to the enhanced, integrated solution on AIM’s expanding platform.

"Cancer care represents a significant and growing portion of healthcare spending with about a third of all treatment plans failing to meet nationally accepted standards. AIM's solution will integrate  comprehensive clinical evidence with treatment alternatives and reimbursement to help ensure the most effective treatment from the start – for patients, providers, health plans and their employer customers," said Brandon Cady, president and CEO of AIM Specialty Health.

Cady added, "eviti represents a highly credible clinical decision support reference for cancer care, which makes the company ideal to help us deliver an integrated solution that goes beyond simply promoting clinical pathways to the oncology community Our solution will help physicians make sure patients are receiving clinically effective treatments while the solution also aligns financial incentives from the payer.  The end result will be improved quality and affordability for the entire system."

"Treating cancer today is a complex business," noted eviti, Inc. CEO Eduardo Beruff. "Taking into consideration all the toxicities, costs and outcomes of nationally accepted treatment options could be overwhelming and nearly impossible without the right information at the time of decision-making for the clinician and his/her patient. We are excited to be working with AIM to integrate our oncology decision support expertise into their next generation oncology solution. Together, we can achieve our mutual goals to eliminate inappropriate treatment and empower the alignment of quality care with appropriate reimbursement."


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About Oncology Clinical Decision Making

According to numerous articles published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology and other peer-reviewed medical journals, 32 percent of treatment plans deviate from evidence-based medicine. Studies also show oncology patient treatment plan compliance at just 45 percent.1 As scientific breakthroughs and personalized medicine advances, physicians are faced with an increasing number of treatment decisions. The National Cancer Institute predicts that by the end of this decade physicians may need to weigh 100 facts for each decision and, by 2025, the number of facts per treatment decision will grow to 1,000.  Without support at the point of clinical decision making, new therapies and their appropriate use may lag and put further strain on the healthcare system.

1 Forastiere A. eviti: decision support at the point of care for oncologists. Value-Based Cancer Care.  June 2012.

About AIM

AIM Specialty Health is a national leader in specialty benefits management driving more appropriate, safe and affordable care throughout the healthcare system.  For more than 35 million members covered across 50 states, D.C. and US territories, AIM targets the quality and cost of clinical services including radiology, cardiology, oncology, specialty drugs and sleep medicine. Clients including 43 health plans and over 100 national employers throughout the country realize proven value with AIM's integrated solution suite that leverages clinical excellence, technology and superior customer service.  AIM is a wholly owned subsidiary of WellPoint, Inc. (WLP).  For more information, visit

About eviti

eviti, Inc. is a leading health information technology and clinical decision-support company delivering solutions to improve the quality of cancer care and reduce its cost.  eviti represents the culmination of almost a decade of experience providing oncology treatment intelligence, uniquely delivering value to all parties in the care process by ensuring quality care is prescribed from the start.  For more information, visit