AIM Specialty Health AIM Specialty Health

Network Management

AIM offers health plans a portfolio of network solutions to help them maximize the value of their network:

  • Provider Assessment: Through AIM's OptiNet program, we offer a systematic approach for verifying that providers who perform specialty care services meet certain capability thresholds such as quality/safety measures, licensure, accreditation, and equipment standards.

  • Transparency: AIM can also help enhance the provider decision-making process by providing access to cost and quality information at the point where a servicing provider is selected during the clinical review process. This information allows the Ordering Provider to optimize their servicing provider choice on a real-time basis using actionable data.

  • Reporting: Through a comprehensive analysis of provider trends, AIM can help health plans enhance their network strategy by continuing their use of high value contracts, re-contracting with select providers, modifying high cost provider arrangements (including de-selection) and contracting with new providers in certain areas to achieve better distribution or pricing