Delivering on the promise of genomic medicine


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The effects of precision medicine’s growth are clear: genetic tests are more complex and more expensive than ever before, and patient support has been jeopardized because of a shortage of qualified counseling. Learn how our Genetic Testing Solution manages these challenges with evidence-based genetic testing and genetic counseling.


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Our capabilities, your advantages

Our advanced, intuitive capabilities transform your organization by addressing your most complex clinical challenges, like ensuring the delivery of appropriate cancer care.

Aligning care with best practices: clinical appropriateness review

Helping physicians keep up with the latest best practices in evidence-based care is complex. We use our clinical guidelines, physician-led outreach, and innovation to make it easier. It’s our best practice.

Navigating the new health care landscape

The path to long-term success for health plans involves savings, quality improvements, and closer alignment with members and providers. We can pave that path.

Thinking big: our culture of innovation

Never before has the momentum been greater to achieve better care that’s more accessible and affordable. We’re active participants in the movement.