Our History



  • Founded


  • Earns Preferred Vendor for Outpatient Imaging Management distinction from the Health Plan Alliance
  • Introduces the ProviderPortalSM, the first full-service physician portal in the diagnostic imaging management industry. The ProviderPortal offers an array of services, including real-time, 24/7/365 access to preauthorization, claims, and eligibility information.


  • Receives a Best Practice in Medical Management recognition from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA). We received additional recognition from BCBSA in 2004 and 2005.


  • Grows the number of supported members to over 5 million
  • Receives initial NCQA certification. The certification couples with URAC accreditation we initially received in 1998.


  • Grows the number of supported members to over 13 million
  • Opens a second operations center in Westchester, Illinois, to complement our operations center in Deerfield, Illinois
  • Introduces Imasis®, the industry’s first fully functioning and customizable web-based call center application


  • Receives recertification from NCQA and reaccreditation from URAC
  • Receives more than 1 million prior authorization requests via the ProviderPortal
  • Introduces OptiNet®, the industry’s first web-based diagnostic imaging network management tool, to help health plans manage their imaging provider networks using cost and quality metrics


  • Is acquired by WellPoint, Inc.
  • Grows the number of supported members to over 20 million
  • Introduces OptiNet to providers as a registry for servicing site cost and quality information


  • Grows the number of supported members to over 30 million
  • Opens new Chicagoland corporate headquarters, data center, and contact center
  • Launches the AIM Cardiology Solution to manage cardiac imaging


  • Receives recertification from NCQA and reaccreditation from URAC
  • Launches the AIM Specialty Drugs Solution to manage treatment of complex, chronic conditions
  • Celebrates 20th anniversary


  • Grows the number of supported members to over 35 million>
  • Launches Specialty Care ShopperSM, our Member Engagement Solution, to enhance member transparency in diagnostic imaging through proactive concierge outreach


  • Wins, with WellPoint, the Best of Blue Clinical Distinction Award for the Imaging Cost and Quality Program
  • Places as a finalist for the 2011 URAC Award for Best Practices in Health Care Consumer Empowerment and Protection
  • Expands the number of members supported by Specialty Care Shopper to nearly 2 million


  • Launches the AIM Radiation Oncology Solution to help health plans manage radiation therapy
  • Launches the AIM Sleep Solution, which rapidly becomes the market leader and the industry’s most comprehensive approach to managing the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
  • Launches the AIM Employer Solution to help health plans deliver consistent value to their national accounts


  • Expands Specialty Care Shopper to include member cost transparency for surgical facilities and sleep testing labs. Also added is an inbound cost inquiry capability, enabling members to contact us to find high-value health facilities in their area.
  • Wins the WellPoint Pinnacle Award for the Sleep Solution. It is the company’s most prestigious award.
  • Announces a strategic collaboration with eviti, Inc., a leading clinical decision support company, to create an enhanced oncology management solution that helps ensure appropriate, safe, and affordable cancer care


  • Launches the next generation Medical Oncology Solution for Anthem (formerly WellPoint). The improved solution integrates evidence-based AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways with provider incentives to operationalize health plan value-based reimbursement initiatives.
  • Earns recognition in a Health Affairs study for the impact of Specialty Care Shopper. The study showed that consumers with access to price information chose less expensive MRIs, saving $220 per test in total health system costs.
  • Places as a finalist in the Chicago Innovation Awards for the Medical Oncology Solution


  • Enhances our clinical platform, creating greater impact and a more efficient clinical review process for a better provider experience
  • Introduces the industry’s first compliance-monitoring capability for the Sleep Solution. The enhancement establishes links with patient compliance databases maintained by the positive airway pressure device.


  • Introduces enhancements to the Specialty Drugs Solution, including the unique Level of Care initiative, which directs care to high-value, clinically appropriate settings
  • Expands the Radiation Oncology Solution to include the review of image-guided radiation therapy, fractionation, and special consults and other associated billing codes
  • Announces the AIM Genetic Testing Solution, which incorporates the review of genetic tests, as well as the management of billing codes and labs. In partnership with InformedDNA, we are the first to maintain a qualified genetic counselor network and integrate counseling into our clinical review process.


  • Expands the AIM Musculoskeletal Solution to include clinical review of spinal surgery, joint surgery, and interventional pain management. The expansion also features value-based reimbursement and direction of care to the most appropriate setting.
  • Enriches member engagement capabilities through a partnership with Emmi®, a multimedia patient education service. Integrated into our clinical solutions, Emmi helps patients engage in shared decision-making by providing information on their upcoming tests and procedures at just the right time.
  • Launches AIM Inform. Integrated into the EMRs that physicians use every day, AIM Inform allows providers to complete health plan prior authorization for advanced imaging and comply with the CMS Appropriate Use Criteria Program at a single source, streamlining prior authorization workflow and reducing reliance on administrative staff.
  • Acquires Applied Pathways® as a wholly owned subsidiary. Applied Pathways’ cloud-based technology supports the AIM platform’s ability to deliver cost of care savings across an expanding set of clinical domains.