Pivoting to value-based cancer care

The need to shift to value-based cancer care is urgent.

New oncology treatments and technology continue to flood the market, many after a fast-tracked review by the FDA. And often, outcomes don’t match these therapies’ prices—survival rates budge minimally, if at all, and hospitalizations from adverse events are a consistent risk.

Health plans at the forefront of health care are recognizing the need to act. They’ve doubled down their commitment to evidence, revamped their reimbursement strategy, and automated the tools they share with providers.

Discover how AIM accelerates the shift

Whether you have mapped your value-based strategy or are seeking a strategic partner, we’re equipped to help your plan’s pivot to value. Our solutions are proven, and our people are biased toward action.

We invite your business and clinical leaders to meet with ours to explore how AIM solutions:

  • Ensure quality across the cancer care continuum, including imaging, genetic testing, and medical oncology and radiation oncology treatments
  • Promote early access to home-based palliative care, which improves satisfaction with care and affordability
  • Automate practice-specific reporting on quality parameters, such as cancer treatment pathway adherence rates
  • Operationalize alternative and value-based payment models while cultivating your provider partnerships

Contact us to schedule a conversation about how our solutions help quality-focused health plans shift from volume to value in oncology.

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