Opportunity analysis Radiation oncology

Discover what’s driving your spend—and how to optimize care for your members

One challenge of having an abundance of data is finding the right resources to analyze it and uncover insights, especially around optimal care and potential savings. Our complimentary opportunity analysis can do just that.

Performed by our analytics team, the opportunity analysis uses your claims data to discover precise opportunities to improve the quality and affordability of radiation therapy for your members.

Request your opportunity analysis today to:

  • Discover your spend on clinically inappropriate radiation therapy
  • Pinpoint which radiation oncology modalities are driving your spending and which you can optimize
  • Determine how your provider networks perform against industry benchmarks
  • Identify strategies to engage radiation oncologists and optimize reimbursement within your network

Who should attend

  • C-suite
  • Network strategy leaders
  • Utilization management leaders
  • Medical directors
  • Affordability of care leaders

How it works

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