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Case studies

Case study: How Anthem immediately improved its musculoskeletal performance with AIM

Read how Anthem improved the quality and affordability of musculoskeletal care for its members within a year of switching to our Musculoskeletal Solution.


Case study: How Harvard Pilgrim Health Care harnessed the genomic revolution

Read how the Genetic Testing Solution has helped Harvard Pilgrim ensure evidence-based genetic testing for its members and manage its spend on this emerging, expensive care.



Five palliative care myths debunked

Why aren’t members with advanced illness receiving palliative care earlier? For some, because of misconceptions like these.


Five benefits of early palliative care for members with cancer

ASCO recommends palliative care within eight weeks of an advanced cancer diagnosis. These benefits highlight why.


How timely palliative care referrals benefit members

Collaborative care, guidance, and personal support go a long way for members, their family, and health plans


White papers

The business of sleep

How the top four trends in sleep medicine are affecting your business

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Thought leadership

Noninvasive evaluation of coronary artery disease

Broadening coverage to enhance care and value
Thomas Power, MD – Senior Medical Director Sleep and Cardiology

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Protecting Sleep Health

The cost of ignoring sleep disorder treatment
Thomas Power, MD – Senior Medical Director Sleep and Cardiology

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The value of value-based oncology

What value-based oncology means for health plans
Michael Fisch, MD, MPH – Medical Director Medical Oncology

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Shaping the future of radiation oncology

The progress in reforming radiation oncology
Robert Zimmerman, MD – Medical Director Radiation Oncology

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Can CT replace traditional testing for coronary artery disease?

Challenging the “Holy Grail” of noninvasive coronary artery disease intervention with software
Thomas Power, MD – Senior Medical Director Sleep and Cardiology

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