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Promoting evidence-based, affordable specialty care can be complex. Watch our videos to learn how we do it and why.

Targeting optimal care for cancer patients

How the AIM Medical Oncology Solution uses highly curated evidence to find the most optimal regimens

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Why aren't all oncology regimens prescribed evidence-based?

The influences that can deter evidence-based care

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How are AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways different?

Our team, standards, and approach support better care for cancer patients

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How does the AIM Medical Oncology Solution support medical homes and other industry pilots?

It's the fundamental linchpin to them

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How have oncologists reacted to the AIM Medical Oncology Solution?

Clinical integrity, flexibility, and practice-wide training lead to appreciation and relief

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Delivering on the promise of genomic medicine

How to guide members and providers through the complexities of genetic testing

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Harnessing the health revolution

Our single platform helps providers identify and access appropriate genetic testing

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