How to bend the trend in medical benefits

Today’s employer and labor organizations are looking for new strategies to optimize the health benefits they provide. With health costs on the rise, these organizations want to make sure their health care dollars are spent wisely to ensure clinically appropriate, high-quality care.

To address this priority, we work through health plans to deliver AIM clinical solutions to employer and labor organizations. Relied on by 40 percent of the Fortune 50, our clinical solutions manage the tests and treatments that drive the upward trend in health expense and utilization. By aligning care with medical evidence, we improve quality and reduce the costs associated with unwarranted variation from proven best practices. We collaborate with physicians to inform better health decisions well before services are performed, minimizing disruption to employees and members.

A comprehensive approach to evidence-based care and affordability

Our solutions for employer and labor organizations deploy a multifaceted approach to help assure your organization’s beneficiaries access to appropriate, safe, and affordable care. They are available in a flexible range of options to meet the unique needs of employers and labor organizations.


Driving health consumerism

Helping employees become more financially savvy health shoppers is a top priority, and most employees would choose a high-quality, less expensive alternative if they knew one was available. Our member engagement strategies uses a high-tech, high-touch approach, reaching out to proactively offer employees information on scheduled tests and treatments and medical facilities near their homes well before they receive the service. It also supports employer reference-based pricing initiatives.


Available solutions

Musculoskeletal Solution

Genetic Testing Solution

Medical Oncology Solution

Radiation Oncology Solution

Sleep Solution

Cardiology Solution

Radiology Solution

Rehabilitation Solution

Our capabilities, your advantages

Our core capabilities help protect your beneficiaries’ health and your financial agility for the future.

Empowering health consumerism: member engagement

With members’ having greater responsibility for their care and its cost, transparency and education are key. Our solution technology provides both at just the right time.

Aligning care with best practices: clinical appropriateness review

Helping physicians keep up with the latest best practices in evidence-based care is complex. We use our clinical guidelines, physician-led outreach, and innovation to make it easier. It’s our best practice.

Supporting better clinical decisions: provider collaboration

Promoting a continuum of evidence-based care requires a deeper partnership with providers. We engage them from start to finish.