AIM Genetic Testing Solution

Harnessing the health revolution

Better control, better management

When used appropriately, genetic testing can help your providers and members make complex care decisions. Our Genetic Testing Solution drives evidence-based services at in-network labs to avoid unnecessary costs, as well as the uncertainty that can arise from over-testing. Board-certified genetics professionals consult with your providers about test selection and can be available to provide genetic counseling to your members.

unique clinical tests covered


  • Hereditary cancer tests
  • Oncology tumor marker tests
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Prenatal tests

We address costly conditions that providers often submit requests for


  • Breast cancer
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Developmental delay

Screen out inappropriate tests and their costs

Our Genetic Testing Solution ensures that the need for and extent of testing align with clinical appropriateness guidelines, reducing the costs of inappropriate testing.

Support members' decision-making with genetic counselors

Our Genetic Testing Solution promotes use of clinical genetic counselors, whose science-driven approach helps your members make informed decisions.

Pave a path to high-value labs

Our Genetic Testing Solution supports network optimization and redirection to in-network lab referrals, ensuring that tests are delivered and processed at high-value settings.

Broadening access to genetic testing expertise

Karen Lewis, CGC, director of our Genetic Testing Solution, explains how our solution helps providers identify and access appropriate genetic testing—from a single platform.

Delivering on the promise of genomic medicine

How to guide members and providers through the complexities of genetic testing

Simplify the path to cost-effective, evidence-based genetic testing

Merged seamlessly into provider workflows through the AIM ProviderPortalSM, our automated clinical review process simplifies your providers’ delivery of evidence-based care. It can identify the most appropriate care for your members or direct your providers to a peer-to-peer conversation with our physicians.


Streamline provider requests

Enables providers to easily submit requests for care online


Gain clinical assurance

Autoreviews the request for clinical appropriateness, using clinical criteria, your policy, or both.

Clinicians are available for cases that do not meet clinical criteria


Prioritize evidence-based care

Directs care to the right test, treatment, or setting


Close the loop

Integrates with your technology for claims, care management, and reporting

Multiply your expertise. Showcase your credibility.

An experienced team of clinical genetic experts lead and support our Genetic Testing Solution. Their expertise assures you clinical credibility and promotes collaboration and acceptance among your providers.

Michael J. Fisch, MD, MPH, FACP, FAAHPM, FASCO

National Medical Director, Medical Oncology Programs and Genetics

Karen Lewis

Solution Management Director, Genetic Testing Solution

Our clinician reviewers' specialties


Clinical genetics

Obstetrics and gynecology

Molecular genetics

Reproductive medicine

Radiation oncology

Pain management

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