AIM Radiation Oncology Solution

Keeping the focus on quality and cost

Driving the use of evidence-based technology

The AIM Radiation Oncology Solution is a radiation benefits management program that promotes appropriate, cost-effective radiation treatment for your members with cancer. Our solution drives evidence-based care and creates value by comprehensively managing the modality, fractionation, image-guidance technology, and billing codes of radiation treatments.

We address common and costly types of radiation treatment.

  • Image-guided radiation therapy
  • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy
  • Proton beam therapy
  • Stereotactic radiation therapy

We address common and costly types of cancer.


  • Brain
  • Cervical
  • Lung
  • Prostate

We address frequently misused, costly treatment-related codes.


  • Positioning aides
  • Physics consults
  • Special treatment procedures
  • Treatment simulations

Shield your members from toxic care

Our Radiation Oncology Solution helps your providers select the right modality at the right fraction, protecting your members from unnecessary radiation and you from avoidable costs.

Rein in the cost creep of overbilling

Our Radiation Oncology Solution conducts preauthorization review of supporting codes, helping you to control the costs of overbilling and misused codes.

Prevent spend-spiking utilization

Our Radiation Oncology Solution’s reporting can help you identify providers whose practices conflict with evidence-based medicine and increase the cost of care.

Simplify the path to cost-effective, evidence-based treatment

Merged seamlessly into provider workflows through the AIM ProviderPortalSM, our automated clinical review process simplifies your providers’ delivery of evidence-based care. It can identify the most appropriate care for your members or direct your providers to a peer-to-peer conversation with our physicians.


Streamline provider requests

Enables providers to easily submit requests for care online


Gain clinical assurance

Autoreviews the request for clinical appropriateness, using clinical criteria, your policy, or both.

Clinicians are available for cases that do not meet clinical criteria


Prioritize evidence-based care

Directs care to the right test, treatment, or setting


Close the loop

Integrates with your technology for claims, care management, and reporting

Multiply your expertise. Showcase your credibility.

An experienced team of physicians and nurses lead and support our Radiation Oncology Solution. Their expertise across numerous clinical specialties expands your organization’s clinical brainpower and acumen immediately. It also reinforces your clinical credibility and accelerates acceptance among your providers.

Robert P. Zimmerman, MD

National Medical Director, Radiation Oncology

Our clinician reviewers' specialties

Palliative medicine

Radiation oncology

Pain management

Medical oncology

Geriatric medicine


Internal medicine


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