AIM Radiology Solution

Putting high-tech exams in a whole new light

Better management for the detection of common, complex conditions

The AIM Radiology Solution is a radiology benefits management program that manages advanced imaging services and controls their escalating costs. Leading the industry for more than 25 years, our solution ensures clinically appropriate, affordable advanced imaging studies through our evidence-based guidelines, practice trends reporting, and member engagement.

We address common and costly imaging tests.


  • CT scan
  • MRA
  • MRI
  • PET scan

We address common indications for imaging tests.


  • Abdominal pain
  • Back pain
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Tumor

Protect your members

Our Radiology Solution helps your providers determine the most appropriate advanced imaging study for your members, reducing unnecessary testing and associated expenses.

Pave the path to affordable sites of care

Our Radiology Solution can recommend quality, affordable imaging facilities to providers during the image-ordering process or guide members directly to those settings through outreach.

Inform members of high-value care

When merged with Specialty Care ShopperSM, our Radiology Solution engages members during the health care decision-making process, informing them of high-value imaging facilities in their area.

Simplify the path to cost-effective, evidence-based imaging

Merged seamlessly into provider workflows through the AIM ProviderPortalSM, our automated clinical review process simplifies your providers’ delivery of evidence-based care. It can identify the most appropriate care for your members or direct your providers to a peer-to-peer conversation with our physicians.


Streamline provider requests

Enables providers to easily submit requests for care online


Gain clinical assurance

Autoreviews the request for clinical appropriateness, using clinical criteria, your policy, or both.

Clinicians are available for cases that do not meet clinical criteria


Prioritize evidence-based care

Directs care to the right test, treatment, or setting


Close the loop

Integrates with your technology for claims, care management, and reporting

Multiply your expertise. Showcase your credibility.

An experienced team of physicians and nurses lead and support our Radiology Solution. Their expertise across numerous clinical specialties expands your organization’s clinical brainpower and acumen immediately. It also reinforces your clinical credibility and accelerates acceptance among your providers.

Chris Buckle, MD, MBA, FRCPC

Associate Chief Medical Officer and National Medical Director, Radiology and Guideline Development

Our clinician reviewers' specialties

Physical medicine




Geriatric medicine

Pediatric cardiology


Medical oncology

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