Smart choices for providers and members

The choices your providers and your members make have tremendous influence over health outcomes and the cost of care. However, often, neither providers nor members have all the information they need when making these choices. Our provider engagement and member engagement strategies empower each of these groups at just the right time with practical information about care and costs.

Provider engagement strategies

The new health economy requires a new kind of provider collaboration. Support your providers in their mission to deliver high-value, evidence-based care.

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Member engagement strategies

When it comes to health care, most consumers are in the dark about their care and its costs. Empower your members with critical but simplified information about their care and potential costs at just the right time.

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Our capabilities, your advantages

Our core capabilities cultivate a network of providers committed to evidence-based care and a population of members committed to smarter choices.

Supporting better clinical decisions: provider collaboration

Promoting a continuum of evidence-based care requires a deeper partnership with providers. We engage them from start to finish.

Empowering health consumerism: member engagement

With members’ having greater responsibility for their care and its cost, transparency and education are key. Our solution technology provides both at just the right time.