Specialty Care Shopper

Consumer Transparency That Works

Empowering members to become informed shoppers

Specialty Care ShopperSM, our Member Engagement Solution, is a health care cost and quality transparency service. When paired with our clinical solutions, it uses direct, timely outreach to help your members make better informed decisions about their care before they undergo services

We help members find cost-effective settings for common, costly health care services.


  • CT scans
  • Lab-based sleep studies
  • Knee replacement
  • MRI

Personalized concierge service reaches members at just the right time

Specialty Care Shopper concierge contacts members directly to help them find an appropriate, affordable, quality site of care—and assists with scheduling their appointments.

Support employer reference-based pricing

Specialty Care Shopper easily integrates with employer benefit design, allowing employers to integrate reference prices or price limits for selected modalities.


Are your healthcare prices outrageous?
A Forbes physician-columnist notes that transparency programs, including Specialty Care Shopper, are delivering results.


Leadership for a new era

A dynamic team leads and supports Specialty Care Shopper. With deep experience in health care innovation and solution operations, they assure your members have information at just the right time to transform how they participate in their health care.

Jordan S. Firfer

Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Engagement

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