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Rupa I. Nimmagadda, MD

Rupa I. Nimmagadda, MD, MA

Associate Medical Director, Government Programs

Rupa I. Nimmagadda, MD, MA, serves as Associate Medical Director of Government Programs. Her focus is on providing guidance to ensure that AIM solutions meet government program mandates and requirements for the Medicaid line of business. Dr. Nimmagadda also provides clinical support during solution implementation for Medicaid membership.

Before assuming this position, Dr. Nimmagadda was an integral member of the AIM Clinical Programs team. As Associate Medical Director, she concentrated on the AIM Musculoskeletal and Pain Management Solution, helping to shape the solution’s delivery and value. Her additional positions with AIM include Clinical Authoring Physician and Physician Reviewer.

Dr. Nimmagadda joined AIM following several years at the University of Chicago, where she served as Medical Director of the High Risk Follow-up Clinic as well as Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics. While serving on the university’s faculty, she was also selected for the Irving B. Harris Fellowship in Child and Family Policy.

Dr. Nimmagadda joined Northwestern University’s Honors Program in Medical Education upon completion of high school. After earning her Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University, Dr. Nimmagadda received her Doctor of Medicine degree from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. She earned a Master of Arts in Public Policy from the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy Studies.

Dr. Nimmagadda is board-certified in pediatrics.

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