AIM executive leadership team

AIM executive leadership team

Our executive leadership team leverages its expertise from decades of health care experience to develop transformative solutions and strategies that benefit health plans, providers, and consumers.


Robert Mandel, MD, MBA

Robert Mandel oversees the strategic direction of AIM Specialty Health, ensuring that the care delivered to health plan members is appropriate, safe, and affordable.

Senior Vice President, Solution Innovation and Partnerships

Michael Backus

Michael (Mike) Backus is the Senior Vice President of Solution Innovation and Partnerships at AIM. In his role, Mike leads solution development efforts and the expansion of our value into new clinical service lines. His current area of focus is developing our next generation approach to oncology management.

Senior Vice President, Business Administration

Joel Cesario

Joel Cesario is the Senior Vice President of Business Administration for AIM. In his role, Joel leads the finance and business operations activities of the company. Joel joined AIM in 2008.

Senior Vice President of Client Partnerships

Steven J. Fox

Steven Fox is the Senior Vice President of Client Partnerships at AIM. Steven supports our clients and helps define their solution and provider engagement strategies. He joined AIM after spending more than 20 years in executive roles at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Zaffre Investments.

Senior Vice President, Analytics and Reporting

Lisa Hu

Lisa Hu is the Senior Vice President of Analytics and Reporting at AIM. Lisa is responsible for leading the overall strategic direction and execution of data, analytic, and reporting capabilities, tools, outputs, insights and business and clinical interpretation, and advisory services.

Senior Vice President of Growth and Marketing

Fred Karutz

Fred Karutz is the Senior Vice President of Growth and Marketing at AIM. In this role, Fred provides leadership and direction on growth, marketing, and communications.

General Counsel

Ulysses Lee

Ulysses Lee is the General Counsel at AIM. In this role, he provides strategic legal advice to management and leads the compliance, quality, and accreditation functions.

Senior Vice President, Clinical Programs

Julie Thiel, MD

Julie Thiel, MD is the Senior Vice President of Clinical Programs for AIM. In her role, Dr. Thiel is responsible for the overall clinical performance of AIM solutions.

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