Navigating the new health care landscape

The health care industry is undergoing sweeping change. Employers seek strategies to stem the rising cost of employee health benefits. On the line for a larger portion of their health expenses, consumers are demanding more transparent cost and quality information at their fingertips. Their physicians are seeking partnership and support from payers as reimbursement shifts from traditional to value-based and population health models. For everyone, government transitions and rising costs create uncertainty about the sustainability of our health care system.

In this dynamic environment, forward-thinking health plan leaders understand that their business is no longer just about managing risk. To succeed, they must create a positive experience for all constituents—employers, members, and providers—while controlling costs and ensuring quality care. Making this transition requires a new approach.

With innovative, integrated solutions that address your key concerns, AIM is uniquely positioned to create a path to long-term success for health plans to realize dramatic, guaranteed savings, quality improvement, and greater alignment with members and providers.


As the leading specialty benefits management partner for today’s forward-thinking payer organizations, we are uniquely positioned to help you lay out a roadmap that can lead to dramatic savings and quality improvement.

Our innovative solutions address today’s high-cost, clinically complex areas including: medical oncology, radiation oncology, genetic testing, radiology, specialty drugs, palliative care, musculoskeletal, cardiology, and sleep.

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The path to long-term success is clear with AIM as a partner. Discover the impact of our expertise and solutions on your organization with a complimentary customized cost of care road map.


A sound strategy

The first step to a partnership with AIM is our custom roadmap, tailored to your specific market factors and performance. Through this complimentary process, AIM will analyze your market and chart a course to savings that creates substantial impact to your bottom line, while improving care for your members.

Clinical programs with integrity

For you, your providers, and members, clinical quality matters. To support a high standard of care, our veteran team of medical directors follow a rigorous practice of evidence-based medicine to develop our clinical guidelines. Multispecialty clinical teams support your network through education and consultation to ensure a high standard of care.

Provider alignment

Provider collaboration is the hallmark of AIM, distinguishing us from our competitors. While others focus on denying care, we rely on an educational approach that ensures high impact and long-lasting practice-pattern change through evidence-based care. Our easy-to-use tools create an efficient clinical review process that can integrate with physician EMR systems, ensuring strong provider satisfaction. And the rapid scalability of our value-based reimbursement strategies help you achieve real results and support providers’ delivery of the evidence-based care.

Engaged, informed members

Health care works better when members have access to the information they need to make decisions, but most don’t know how to find it. Our Specialty Care Shopper and interactive patient education programs use direct outreach to give members the tools they need, at just the right time.

White glove service

Your success is our first priority. To help ensure that success, our dedicated team supports your team throughout our engagement. AIM account and business teams consult with you while our medical directors work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to ensure market acceptance. Skilled AIM analytics teams report results and collaborate with you to optimize program performance.

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