Our Culture of Innovation

Thinking big: our culture of innovation

Never before has the momentum been greater to achieve better care that’s more accessible and affordable. Health care is undergoing fundamental change, an evolution driven from within our industry and from outside forces. At AIM, we’re active participants in the movement to improve health care and are positioned at its crossroads to effect change.

Top-to-bottom engagement

Through constant dialogue and exchange with health care providers across the US, we gain a real-life perspective on how medicine is practiced today, documented by rich data that uncovers trends and opportunities. We monitor and evaluate trends by reviewing clinical literature, interacting with medical societies, and attending industry conferences. By listening to our customers, we learn what concerns keep them up at night, what successes they celebrate, and where they’re headed next. Through strategic partnerships with health industry giants as well as up-and-coming innovators, like Applied Pathways®, we stay ahead of the curve.

Champions of innovation

Inside AIM, we cultivate a culture of collaboration and encourage an open exchange of ideas across clinical, operational, technical, and business management. We bring our insights, experience, knowledge, and passion to the work we do each day. Industry veterans join forces with talented newcomers to share perspectives and find new ways to deliver value.

The benefit to clients? Big ideas that drive solutions to impact today’s top concerns and empower tomorrow’s transformations.

This pivotal time in our industry demands actionable ideas to achieve our mutual goal of greater value in health care. We continue to innovate to advance the standard of care offered to patients, and support the vital work performed by providers, health plans, and health systems.


For us, innovation moves rapidly from the drawing board to reality, delivering value throughout the health care ecosystem. Some examples include:

Automated clinical review

We pioneered the first online web portal for clinical appropriateness review, and continue to lead the industry with our strong web utilization and strong provider satisfaction rates. Recent platform enhancements that mirror provider workflow create an even more efficient clinical review for a better provider experience.

Site of service initiatives

AIM was the first to address this issue through an enhancement to our clinical solutions that direct care to high-value settings, based on a member’s clinical indications.

Value-based reimbursement models

As the industry shifts to value-based care, new reimbursement methodologies are needed to successfully make the transformation. AIM was the first in the market to launch scalable, value-based clinical management programs.

Cancer treatment pathways

Our Medical Oncology Solution won the BlueCross BlueShield 2016 Brand Innovation Award for its use of proprietary, yet public, evidence-based cancer treatment pathways that operationalize industry value frameworks at scale.

Consumer engagement that works

Our first-in-the-market member engagement solution, Specialty Care Shopper, empowers members to make better informed health care decisions through proactive concierge outreach that provides cost and quality data at just the right time. Through our partnership with Emmi®, a multimedia patient education service, we take a human-centered approach to empower patients to be participants and partners in their care, and engage in shared decision-making.

Patient compliance

Through our Sleep Solution, we were the first company to establish links with patient compliance databases maintained by the positive airway pressure device manufacturers to automate compliance reporting. This enables us to ensure continuous treatment for adherent members and reduces the amount of unused supplies.

EMR integration

Integrated into the EMRs that physicians use every day, AIM Inform allows providers to complete health plan prior authorization for advanced imaging and comply with the CMS Appropriate Use Criteria Program at a single source, streamlining prior authorization workflow and reducing reliance on administrative staff.