Member Engagement

Empowering health consumerism: member engagement

The age of consumer-driven health care is here, but are results living up to the promise? Today, members share a greater portion of the cost, making transparency and education key elements of a fulfilling member experience. Health organizations are seeking new ways to deliver these richer experiences, ones that change behavior, lower costs, improve the quality of care, and strengthen customer loyalty.

While health plans provide many tools, too often members still don’t know the cost of care until they get the bill. Instead, they rely on their doctor’s referrals. With health plans increasingly called on to provide this customer-centric approach, they need help guiding the member through a confusing health care environment and ensuring they have the right information to make health decisions.

At AIM, helping members become more financially savvy health shoppers is a top priority. Specialty Care Shopper Solution, our Member Engagement Solution, helps our members make better informed decisions before they receive diagnostic imaging services, lab-based sleep studies, and high-volume surgical procedures such as arthroscopy, endoscopy, and colonoscopy.

Our goal? Give members the right information at the right time to support better decisions.

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