Provider Collaboration

Supporting better clinical decisions: provider collaboration

At AIM, physicians and other healthcare providers are at the center of what we do. We place a high value on the things providers care most about: clinical integrity, streamlined workflow, and a collaborative approach.

We engage physicians in every step of our process—from the development of our clinical guidelines, to the design of our review process, to our peer-to-peer consultation. That’s why our provider satisfaction rating has been consistently 96 percent or greater, year after year.

Physician-led clinical solutions
Highly respected in their fields, AIM medical directors guide the development of our clinical solutions. Many are practicing physicians who understand how providers think and work, and apply that knowledge to create programs that align with practice workflow.

For our clients, AIM medical directors extend the clinical strength of your team in highly specialized, rapidly evolving areas of medicine. They keep you informed of new developments that impact your program and help you manage clinical questions. When launching new AIM solutions, they work beside you to educate key practices, medical societies, and other opinion leaders to ensure market acceptance.

True peer-to-peer consultation
When a practice requests a test or treatment that doesn’t align with our clinical criteria, AIM physicians are available to discuss the case with the ordering physician. Our clinical review team is composed of over 100 physicians in 20 medical specialties that span medical oncology, genetics, cardiology, and more.

The depth and breadth of our team offers ordering providers the ability to speak with a physician who truly understands their patient’s clinical scenario, knows AIM clinical guidelines in detail, and, when necessary, can offer appropriate alternatives. This kind of clinical credibility extends value to our health plan clients who benefit from a better relationship with network providers.

Our commitment to provider collaboration differentiates AIM from our competitors and is a strategic advantage to progressive health plans seeking alignment and partnership with their networks.

Provider research for better product design
We know that provider input makes us better. That’s why it’s an important part of our process when developing tools that providers use. Our design process incorporates research findings from our panel of over 4,000 providers. These enthusiastic participants have opted in to be part of the conversation and help us ensure excellent usability.

Our provider research efforts are the reason that our provider tools and technologies, including our pioneering ProviderPortalSM, are the favorites of the practices that use them.

Power for the new provider
Today, providers are playing new roles, and are assuming greater responsibility. No longer just caring for individual patients, providers also are managing population health. Increasingly, insurers are building partnerships with their networks and seeking better alignment through value-based reimbursement initiatives, accountable care organizations, and more. AIM helps support providers and health plans making this important transition through:

  • Value-based reimbursement initiatives that scale rapidly and operationalize industry frameworks
  • OptiNet®, the AIM-invented technology that offers price transparency and imaging-center capabilities to providers ordering high-tech imaging procedures and more
  • AIM Inform, our next generation of provider-centric technology. Integrated with physician EMR systems, AIM Inform helps providers complete prior authorization for advanced imaging and comply with the CMS Appropriate Use Criteria Program at a single source.